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Third patent approved for filing

February 23, 2009


“And I am banking heavily on a 3rd one.” – almost comes true. Though that particular application got rejected, got another one which was a spin-off of that idea approved ! … Feels good to get so many ideas going to next level !


Cool links to check (4) – All about patents

February 6, 2009┬žion=1 has a very good description

Second patent approved for filing

February 5, 2009

Okay.. .so “hope this will be the first of many” comes true ! … Second one of my patent draft is approved for filing in US. And I am banking heavily on a 3rd one. – I had discussions with our vertical head as well as the Global business head. Let’s see how things go on… 

Cool links to check (3) – For Indian Startups

February 3, 2009 profiles and reviews Indian technology startups; and is at the center stage of events that are shaping India 2 .0. Has some interesting insights.

Cool links to check 2 – Info about Intuit 25 years !

February 3, 2009

Nice to know that Intuit is going green in true sense and instead of paper filing for “GreatPlacesToWorkFor”, intuit employees created this website to articulate all the details:


Cool Links to Check 1 – Cool way to learn technical stuff

February 3, 2009

Really like the idea of these guys from CommonCraft: Paid versions and Free versions available.